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How to Rent a Dumpster

Why Do You Need It?

Before you decide to rent out a dumpster, you need to know exactly what you will need it for. Is it just for regular junk, wood,heavy material? Or construction junk and rubble. Dumpster rental companies offer their services to a wide range of people which include contractors, realtors, homeowners, business owners and much more. Your dumpster needs depend on what it is you need to throw away.buster_dumpster_red

If you are demolishing or renovating a home or a workplace, you need a place to throw away all the waste. You can’t just leave it out on the street. That’s where rental dumpster companies come in. You decide what kind of dumpster you want, and the dumpster company will provide you with the best dumpster for your needs.

Dumpster Size Matters

Different_size_Dumpsters The first thing you need to determine before renting out a dumpster is how much junk you are expecting. Dumpsters come in many shapes and sizes, so you need to make sure you are renting out the best size for your work.

Dumpsters are available in many sizes i.e. 5-yard dumpster, 10-yard dumpster, 15, 20, 30 and even 40-yard dumpster. The dumpsters start from just a few feet and can go up to 8 feet.

Knowing what size of dumpster you want to rent can help you save money and space. While smaller dumpsters might come in regular dumpster shapes, larger dumpsters come in the shapes of large containers. It is best to talk with the rental company regarding the height and width of the dumpster or container beforehand.

Best Rental Companies over the Country

Rental dumpster companies are available all over the country. No matter what state you are in you can rent out a dumpster for your needs. Some of the best companies that provide rental dumpster services around the states are:

  1. 1-800-DUMPSTER In New York
  2. Budget Dumpster Rental In Kansas
  3. Metro Detroit Dumpster Rental In Michigan
  4. American Trash Bin Rentals In Los Angeles
  5. Lunas In Las Vegas
  6. Bin There Dump That In Texas
  7. All American Waste In Connecticut
  8. Frog Hauling In Ohio
  9. Budget Dumpster In Oklahoma
  10. Ravenswood Dumpster Rentals In Massachusetts

Dumpster Prices

Dumpster_b Before you rent a dumpster, you need to understand that you will not only be paying to rent a dumpster, but also many other additional fees and charges. Different companies charge differently based on what is required by them. They might charge by weight, time-period, type of service, etc. Moreover, some companies also include additional costs for moving the container, late return fee, refill fee and other misc. fees.

The minimum cost to rent out a dumpster is around $150. The price can go up to $1500 depending on what size of dumpster you need. The average cost of an average sized dumpster all over the country is around $500 for one week, but different rental companies have different rates when it comes to renting out their dumpsters.

It is best to check with a bunch of your local dumpster rental companies first to compare prices and see which one is the best for you. Not all dumpster companies provide all sizes of containers, so it is best to check beforehand if they can provide you with the size of dumpster you need.

Tips and Guidelines for Renting a Dumpster

  • It’s always best to rent out a dumpster one size bigger than what you need because you never know if you might end up needing more space.
  • If the dumpster is notbeing placed on your property, you must make sure you have a permit to put it on the street before you rent it out.
  • You need to have a clear area in front of the container for the rental truck to drop and pick it up.
  • Make sure you are not putting any hazardous items in the dumpster. Make sure that the company you are renting the dumpster from offers special dumpsters for hazardous material.
  • The most common mistake in dumpster filling is filling it with too much junk. If your dumpster is overflowing, the rental company might not be able to haul your dumpster away properly.
  • Make sure you and the rental company is on the same page regarding your use of their dumpster.

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