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How to clean a stainless steel trash can

Why we have to clean our trash can routinely

Dirty_trash_can_overflowing Your beautiful kitchen stainless steel trash can will instantly become one of the filthiest and most smelly items if you leave it alone longer than 2 months. Made from stainless steel, things like your shining trash can seems impossible to keep clean. And it’s a challenge to keep it the way you want. The entire “trash-whiff” gust each single time you throw something away. Streaks, food sediments…you name it. That is totally not pleasure, but that’s not the worst part.

While the nasty odor of a dirty bin is difficult to ignore. The health risks pose the greatest threat to your family members. The risk of bacteria and germs as Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus, and E Coli and Fecal Coliform from the fecal waste from dogs and diapers, spreading will increase. So every two months, you are going to clean your trash can to keep a healthy atmosphere around you. A_collection_of_different_stainless_steel_trash_cans

Just follow these steps with us to keep your stainless trash can clean. With just a little bit of effort, your stainless steel trash can will stay looking amazing for a long time to come. Most modern stainless steel trash cans come with an inner plastic can, which is easily holding and emptying of trash bags. So begins with the clearance of the inner part then the most important outside part.

Part one: Clean the inner can

clean_inner_can 1 General Clean

Hose the whole stainless steel trash can down and get the inner can outside. Then, empty the trash can and spray it using a hose. At this step, you are only attempting to remove large pieces of debris and food. Pat it dry using a towel once you are done.

Hint: If you do not have access to a convenient hose, a shower or a tub can be also chosen to clean your trash can with.


2  Disinfect and de-stink.

There are plenty of products you’ll be able to use for this. The most effective method for you’ll largely depend on your own stink situation. Whichever one you pick, make sure you spray the complete trash can, including interior and the underside.

  • - For moderate odor: you can just make use of a store bought or home made disinfectant spray.
  • - For moderate funk: attempt spritzing vinegar on the can, that will consume the odor.
  • - For King Stink: Search for an enzyme-based solution that is made specifically to take care of pet messes (we enjoy Nature’s Miracle as it will the job using natural enzymes with no harsh chemicals).


3  Scrub and rinse

Scrub areas of your trash can with an old scrub-brush or a toilet brush. Then rinse the inner can off completely with clean water.  You can either dry it with towels, or just leave that mission to the sun. I prefer to the latter because sun shinning is always the best way to kill mold and bacteria ever since.


Part two: Stainless steel trash can clean tips

Stainless steel is famous for its skill to offer a clean smooth surface that resists rust and corrosion. Due to this stainless steel is a well-known choice in toilets and kitchens.That is why we have us around with all stainless steel kitchen and bathing products for a quite long time in our house. And we are fully aware that it has the capacity to fulfill its name and fortunately, it reacts nicely to clean. Generally, we begin with some basic and simple ways to get all debris, dirt and grime off, and elevate your way up to more complex methods if necessary.

Water and Cloth

A_white_painted_little_stainless_steel_trash_can_450 Clean a stainless steel trash can normally begins with soft cloth along with warm water. This really is the least dangerous option to start, and really simple. As is known to all water really works when clean in many scenarios. Dry your stainless steel can surface with a soft towel or cloth to stop water spots.

Since minerals in water can make marks on stainless steel, this really is extremely significant. Wipe along the polishing lines not against that direction. In that way, you will get the most amazing and greatest results. Since they do an excellent job of consuming all the water, without damaging the surface, microfiber cleaning materials could be an excellent option especially useful when cleaning painted stainless steel trash can like this.

Light Detergent

Warm water and light detergent can do an excellent job without damaging the smoothness of your stainless steel trash can. In some cases, all you need to remove tougher dirt from the surface is just a drop mixer of warm water and mild dish detergent.

You can begin with a couple drops of dish soap with a tiny sink of warm water. You can even have a tiny drop of dish soap on the cloth. Put some warm water on the cloth and add on dish soap to suds up it and wipe down the grimy area with the wet cloth.

As soon as you have finished washing the dirt away, do not forget to rinse the surface thoroughly to prevent spotting and staining. It is necessary to towel dry to stop water spots which may be due to minerals in the water.

Glass Cleanser for Fingerprints

Fingerprints are among the largest and the most unavoidable complaints of any stainless steel products including our lovely trash can, but may be cared for by using household ammonia or glass cleaner. As for me, I favor glass cleaner. Regardless of what you choose to use, apply the cleaner on the microfiber cloth.

It’s possible for you to spray on the stainless steel, but might wind up with drips, or squandering lots of cleaner which was not wanted. Wipe the stainless steel area lightly in a circular motion to eliminate the finger print.

Do it again,rinse thoroughly and then use your towel to dry the entire surface you will get the result you want. For some new pricy stainless steel trash, like those from SimpleHuman, the stainless steel they utilized has the ability to avoid fingerprints somewhat. You might consider these if you has a requirement to replace your old ones. They require less maintenance than previous models.

Commercial Stainless Steel Cleaner

When you have had scratching or staining of smooth surface, a stainless steel cleanser might be an excellent option. A few of these cleansers and polishes can help remove spots and minimize scraping. In addition they can shine surfaces. Browse the directions to the stainless steel cleanser and evaluation in an inconspicuous spot. Make sure you rinse and towel dry.

The secrets to maintaining stainless steel stainless is upkeep as well as suitable care. With only a little work, your stainless steel trash can will recover astonishing and keep that for quite a while.


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