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Dog Proof Trash Can Guidance

Why we need a dog proof trash can?

Keep your dog out of the trash

If you have had the experience of trash mess caused by your dog you will know how important it is to keep your dog away from the trash. That is not only concerning about the mess, which is really annoying to anyone, but also relating to the health of your beloved guilty criminal. This is definitely risky behavior because trash is harmful for your pooch.

"Pet is more likely to get in the trash," says Dr. Hohenhaus. There they’ll find foods and other objects they shouldn’t — but will want to — eat.

 Mass_by_dogs He or she may suffer from gastrointestinal distress after taking those rotted food trash. Not to mention other possible chemical garbage may also be fatal to your dog. Addicting to trash will ruin the customary communication between you and your dog.


That is why we need to keep your dog away from the trash. Training your dog to step away from the garbage can voluntarily would be one of the hardest aims during your dog ownership,worse than pee and poop in the house. That process would be challenging and time consuming. Studies have shown and many dog lovers have also told us with proper methods, consistency and dedication you can succeed in some cases but still many more cases they can’t resist the temptation of trash. That is therefore important or even more to keep your trash away from your dog.

If you have intention to train your dog to hold away from trash, just remember they are animals. Yes they will obey but don’t deny the instinct aspect of any dog. Humanize a dog will be harmful and frustrating to your goal.

Keep the trash out of your dog

Just like we are crazy for delicious food, some dogs are avid for garbage. It has been proved some animals including canine are easily drawn by some odors that are not detectable by our human being. I can’t remember how many times was forced to clean my kitchen that has been ruined by my puppy. Hide the trash might be the first thought that comes to you when that mess appeared.

Place the trash can up high that your dog can’t reach it, put garbage bin in a cabinet secured with a child-safety lock, set a heavy metal lid that you dog can’t open the trash can. These may be all working but can cause treble to you in the meantime. They require extra steps for a normal trash disposal. What we need is a simple and effective way to save your efforts and keep your beloved pooch both on good conditions. A real dog proof trash can that can assist you with that.

How to choose a best trash can for your own dog

There are things need to be aware of when choosing a dog Proof trashcan

Reliable Locking mechanism

The most notable feature of a best dog proof trashcan is a reliable and convenient locking method to keep the dog out.  That is base we can lay on to prevent kitchen mess caused by a naughty dog.

Trash can Size match dog size

I have searched a lot of trash can for my shepherd, and I have a very interesting founding one trash can can prevent dog and work well may turn out to be totally useless item for another dog owner. Why this happens? In fact, dog size and cleverness of your pet matter much here.

A typical home kitchen stainless steel trash can often has a net weight less than 50 pounds and height is usually about 20-30 inches. That would be a piece of cake for any big dog over 80 lbs. Only if he/she finds or thinks there is something attractive in the trash can he/she will not hesitate to act. They have strength to knock trashcan down and destroy the unlocked lid.

We have Chihuahuas to Great Dane and things in between. This vast array of physical variations is due to relentless selective breeding of canine. So we are then liable to find individual suitable dog proof trash can for them.


Avoid These Trash Cans When Choosing

  • Apart from buying a small trash can for a big dog. You would also stay away from these things listed below when choose and use a dog proof trash can.
  • Swimming lid trash can by choose this style you are waiting for your dog wearing the lid by putting his head into the trash can
  • Open trash can with no lid means a stable and constant lure for your dog. Don’t ever come to this idea!
  • Touch free garbage can may fit a contemporary decor better than other no tech stuffs, but this would be better in a circumstance without a dog. A curious dog may cause accidental damage to your pricy touchless trash can. The IR sensor is vulnerable and fragile in some degree.

And I must point out that what trash you have in the trash can will be critical at the beginning to train your dog to prevent trash can. Smelly trash inside your home will definitely add temptation and be harmful for your purpose.

I select trash cans based on these characteristics and my personal experience for you.

Dog proof trash cans for small and medium sized dogs

simplehuman lid locking trash can for your clever dog


Smaller dogs (under 40 pounds) like Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Bulldogsare are less obedient, more aggressive and excitable. So they are hard to be trained to be able to avoid the trash voluntarily. Sometimes they are smarter than cabinets, baby blocks, baby gates. That is the reason why we need a lid lock dog proof trash can to keep the trash away from them. 

Lid sealing mechanism is the key about how a dog proof trash can will work for your dog or not. Simple human lid locking trash can is the only series that I can find with both right size and the necessary locking system for your clever small dogs.

Locking Trash can for small dog

We choose a normal sized home kitchen trash can to prevent our small fuzzy friend from trash. You have the freedom to choose any shape and any material made trash can with a locking system to perform this job. There are 3 shapes with varying dimensions and I choose the semi-round plastic trash can with lid locking for my Bichon Frise. That is a very common choice for dog owners. And this trash can is highly evaluated by many dog owners for its true ability to keep dogs out of trash. And it seems true for my dog has not figured an effective method to get the trash out of this sturdy simplehuman canister. That annoyed him for a few days before its final acknowledgement of failure. 

The reason this dog proof trash can works is that it has a solid plastic pull out lock on the lid so you can lock any trash inside. When the lid is locked, no puppy could get it open. To open the can, the dog need to release the lock by pulling out (grey part on the center). That should be an impossible challenge for your dogs. Once unlocked stepping on the foot pedal will open the trash can. That the lock part can also act as a holding part to lift the trash can, for not full stage.  Beside that this simplehuman trash can save your valuable space. The semi round can would fit nicely for open field and slim one would be a right match for narrow space between furnitures.

It uses highly durable plastic and all accessory component is made of steel. You do not have to worry about weathering or rusting. The steel pedal is convenient and allows you to open the lid easily. Patented shox technology ensures a quiet and slow closing of the lid without any bumping noise.

I recommend most is this simplehuman lid lock plastic trash can. Just the moment it come to your house your dogs are isolated from their beloved but harmful trash. That will prevent any Chihuahua or China’s shih tzus or some bigger creatures.

Click get this simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 50 L / 13 Gal for your dog on Amazon


If you don’t like the shape you can choose the other rectangular or slim style.  They are a little smaller but maybe fit yours better.

  Dimension Capacity Briefing Rating Buy
Semi Round
26.5 inches x 14 inches x 18.9 inches 50 L / 13 Gal This classic semi round simplehuman trash can is the most affordable and reliable trash can for small sized dogs.It comes with 3 different colors and with a 13 gallon capacity. 4.4 stars given by over 1000 customers add to
25.2 inches x 19.2 inches x 10.2 inches 40 L / 10.6 Gal This slim trash can is made out of plastic and comes in grey, black and white. It is also the smallest of the three at only 40 liters. 4.4 out of 5 stars over 500 ratings add to
25.2 inches x 13.8 inches x 15.9 inches 45L / 12 Gal This Rectangular also has various colors to choose from and extraordinary quality is ensured by simplehuman company 4.2 out of 5 stars add to

Click to get a simplehuman Rectangular trash can with locking lid from Amazon

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Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can

simplehuman_Butterfly_step-on_Trash_Can_compare_2 Simplehuman_Butterfly_Step_Trash_Can

This simplehuman Butterfly trashcan is almost dog proof, it depends on the location you select for it and how clever your dog is. If you want a sleek stainless steel trash can for your contemporary decor kitchen and own a little sized canine as while. The butterfly one would be one of the best choices. The 45 liters/12.5 gallons models are the right size for your kitchen and it can prevent your small sized dog.

To make it perform well you need to put it in the way suggested by the picture, by this I mean in a narrow space or under the operation desk. The benefit we will get is when located in a narrow space your puppy may not easily knock this simplehuman trashcan over.  That can eliminate the possible treble when your pet wants to get it.

Butterfly lip works in a unique way it opens in the middle, in consequence your dogs do not have enough room to push their heads into the trash can even if they had managed to step on the pedal to make the front lid open  And the more we get from this design is it does not occupy more extra space but the limited space than can hold it. So is good for narrow spaces and save you more space for other stuffs.

If you get a normal semi round or rectangular one, you will not gain these extra features to prevent your curious dogs. So when talking about stainless steel garbage cans, this butterfly one is the almost dog proof one that you want.

Another upside characteristic for it has a plastic inner with this can that can hold trash bag well no ugly bad leakage outside. And with the shox tech it is perfect for anywhere a quiet environment is desired.

>-Click here to view availability and other customer feedbacks of this stainless steel butterfly trash can on Amazon

Trash can for middle sized dog

Rubbermaid RM5F8201 Thirty Two Gallon Animal Stopper Trash Can in Olive-32 Gallon/121.1L Olive Color Trash Can Designed to Keep Animals OutRubbermaid_RM5F8201_32_Gallon_Animal_Stopper_Trash_Can

The above two trashcans is recommended for small size trash can. This Rubbermaid animal stopper trash can is what we suggest if you own a middle sized canine. It is originally designed for small wild creatures like raccoon or squirrel. It has a patented locking system composed by 2 sturdy rubber lock straps and 2 special handles (to which the strap be anchored with).

These make us a tight and reliable locked trash can for any middle sized dog. Your Border Collie, Shelland Sheepdog or Cocker Spaniel should figure out nothing to overcome this stubborn lid locked trash can. The capacity is 32 gallons and height is about 34 inch. A little bit larger to act for a small kitchen but a perfect choice for medium sized household. Ensure that you have enough space for it. And you may somewhat compromise to its mediocre outside by getting a true dog proof trash can.

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Suncast GH1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway



Suncast GH1732 outdoor trash can is another one with locking lid. The lock lid it has is in the middle of the front and must be handled with hands not possible to be done with dog paws or teeth. It is bigger than simplehuman kitchen trash can for having a volume of 24 gallons. It is designed for 30-33 gallon disposable liners to hold a lot of trash so you don’t need to empty daily.

The cover can keep smells in and the lock lid can hide the spare parts of your trash bag. Opposite to its name "Hideway" this resin trash can actually looks fairly nice and do not need to hide it anyway. And besides outdoor purpose, it can just stand beside your kitchen to carry on its duty: hold plenty of trash and prevent your dog at the same time.

Click to details of this resin Suncast GH1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway on Amazon


Trash Can For Big Dogs

It is hard to find some trash can that can hold dogs over 80lbs. Ruining average indoor trash can is actually not a problem for your Wolfhound or Great Dane. Choices are restrained to a very narrow spectrum. One possible way is to lock the entire trash can so your big pet cannot get the opportunity to touch it.  Another reasonable way is find a bear proof can with firm resistant ability.  A mini sized bear proof trash can would be enough to prevent any really big dog. That is designed for the wildest grizzly. So it will no doubt work well for any kind of big canines you have. But that will be the final choice because you have to compromise to its bulky size and rough outlook.

Trash can inside a kitchen cabinet

simplehuman_pull_out_trash_can_install_instruction simplehuman_pull_out_trash_can_in_cabinet

If you have a small department and a dog who loves garbage. A sturdy pull out trash can inside the cabinet may be a better choice for you. If room is enough, you can even locate it under water sink to keep your dog out and the smelling trash in. It will keep the garbage bag tightly.

I suggest this simplehuman pull out trash can for its good quality and the moderate size to fit a small household. If you have plenty of cabinet in your kitchen a double pullout recycler bin will be better. Just remember to measure the dimension of the space you want it to be as the picture above shows. When it is under water sink placement of your drain, disposal and all other plumbing is critical if you want to try to use a trash pullout under the sink. And be careful of where you locate the pipes.

It seems a bit more complex to have a pull out trash can. But after all the installing you are entitled to a very effective dog proof trash can. All trash will be locked in and no access for any dogs. Sometimes you could add a latch make it impossible for your dog to open the cabinet when you leave the house.

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Bear proof trash can for your big dog

In fact, all bear proof garbage can must follow very specific requirements and there are even some government rules detailing exactly what is necessary. The basic elements are strength and security. Most bear proof container must be strong enough to stand up to the strength of your average, that is more violent than a dog can archive.So trash can with the aim are usually made of either heavy-duty polymers or steel. Take this Toter 025B96-R1BKS Bear Proof Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Trash Container for example it is with double-walled lid, steel-reinforced rim and a tight bear lock. So it’s virtually indestructible and inaccessible to bears not to mention about dogs.

Look at the video you will no how sturdy the trash can will be and how frustrated your dog comes to get trash out of this kind of container.

Click to get this Toter 025B96-R1BKS Bear Proof Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Trash Container from Amazon

Make your own trash can dog proof

If you have already had a stainless steel trash can in your kitchen and no budget or intention to switch to another one. Meanwhile, your dog has shown huge intention to be a trash can destroyer. You are welcome to make a personalized dog proof trash can instead of getting one from stores. By doing that you only need some DIY ability and help of some little tools.


Attention: these methods are only temporary and only works for small and medium sized dogs

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count

Velcro Industrial Strength 15ft x 2in tape, Black


Sometimes dogs just can’t resist the yummy smell of rotting trash! In order to maintain your house clean and to prevent your dogs from getting sick due to eat things from the trash! We require a reliable and practical method to prevent a dog from trash. That is always a difficult mission for nearly all dog owners. The most straightforward way is to stop your dogs raiding garbage containers to simply keep that out of its ability. A dog proof trash can effect help you in a different situation. The result sometimes relies on the dog not the trash can. Shop carefully and follow the basic needs I talk about and you can find dog proof containers that fill in your needs.

If you have any idea about this common puzzle don’t hesitate to share that with other dog lovers. And if you have a better solution for dog proofing also don’t hide it just share it with us.

Book That Really Helps

I suggest Cesar Millan DVDsir and Cesar Millan Books to every dog owner, from Chihuahua to Pit Bullir[1]. They are excellent guides to communicating with, understanding, and controlling your dog.


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