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Best simplehuman trash can guidance

Nobody wants to the smell from stinky trash. We all wish that would be sealed well within a trash can without drawing us any flies. Sometimes without viewing would be a even better option. Simplehuman knows what we want and provides us many good trash cans.

Their products owns many admirable features such as easy emptying, soft closing lids, long lasting pedal and simple snugly fitting liners. Based on material, suiting places, prices and costumer ratings we chose some from a long list to form this table below to present you trash cans we consider really amazing.

 simplehuman 50L-Liter / 13-Gallon Semi-Round Step Trash Can, Black Plasticsimplehuman Round Step Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steelsimplehuman Rectangular Touch Bar Trash Cansimplehuman Rectangular Step Recycler, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel,simplehuman Under-Counter Pull Out Cansimplehuman 4.5-Liter /1.2-Gallon Round Step Trash Can, White Steel simplehuman Butterfly Sensor Trash Cansimplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can,
Picsimplehuman_50L-Liter_13-Gallon_Semi-Round_Step_Trash_Can_Plastic_small simplehuman_Round_Step_On_Trash_Can_ simplehuman_Rectangular_Touch_Bar_Trash_Can_30 Liters_8_Gallons_small simplehuman_Rectangular_Step_Recycler_Fingerprint-Proof_Brushed_Stainless_Steel_46-Liter_12-Gallon_smallsimplehuman_Under_Counter_Pull_Out_trash_Can_black_small simplehuman_4.5-Liter_1.2-Gallon_Round_Step_Trash_Can_White_Steel_logo simplehuman_Butterfly_Sensor_Trash_Can_48_Liters_12.6_Gallons_slide_small simplehuman_Semi_Round_Step_on_metal[1]
Dimension14 x 18.9 x 26.5 inches15.1 x 25.6 x 12.4 inches11.4 x 13.4 x 28 inches 12.8 x 19.8 x 25.7 inches20 x 19 x 10 inches10 x 7.6 x 12.1 inches21.1 x 11.4 x 24.8 inches 10.6 x 11.2 x 17.5 inches
Weight6 pounds10.1 pounds12.9 pounds17.6 pounds 15 pounds2.5 pounds9 pounds5.3 pounds
Capacity13 gallons8 gallons 8 gallons12-Gallon8 Gallons1.2 gallons12.6 gallons2.6 gallons
ShapeSemi-roundRound Rectangular  Rectangular Round Rectangular Semi-round
Suitable LocationsKitchen, office room, living room, laundry room, bedroom, dorm roomKitchen, office, living room, in the laundry room, the bedroom, dorm room or any open spacekitchen, pantry room, living room, bedroom, dorm room or children’s roomKitchen, office, living room, in the laundry room, the bedroom, dorm room or any open spaceFor kitchen cabinetsmall spaces, such as under a desk, or in a bathroom.
** Perfect for diaper disposal**
kitchen,  dorm room children’s room or bathroomCompact design that can be used under the kitchen cabinet or in bathroom
Open methodStep on&manual lock/unlockStep oneasy open touch barStep onEasy-access handleStep onMulti-sensor Butterfly lipStep on
Garbage BagGlad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 13 Gallon simplehuman Custom Fit Trash Can Liner P, 50 to 60-Liter / 13 to 16-Gallonsimplehuman code G Custom Fit Trash Can LinerAny brand of tall kitchen trash bags13 gallon tall kitchen bag 13 gallon tall kitchen bag Fit plastic bags from the grocery store simplehuman Custom Fit Trash Can Liner Pstore small trash can bags
simplehuman Custom Fit Trash Can Liner C
Costumer rating4.4 out of 5 stars over 600 stars4.1 out of 5 stars by 70 people4.7 out of 5 stars by over 50 ratings4.3 out of 5 stars rated by over  120 persons4.9 out of 5 stars by over 250 rating
4.5 out of 5 stars
by over 120 customers
3.5 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars over 150 ratings
MaterialDurable plasticfingerprint-proof stainless steel fingerprint-proof stainless steel fingerprint-proof stainless steel Steel and plastic fingerprint-proof stainless steel fingerprint-proof stainless steel fingerprint-proof stainless steel
Special features

Silent close lid

Dog proof with trustable lock

space efficient semi-round shape

Large for families

patented silent close lid

opening tucks on the top of

interior bucket to hide excess bag

Easy open touch-bar your hand knee, hip, elbow can all work for it

Bag tuck® opening hide  excess parts of trash bag

fingerprint-proof Stainless Steel keep your trash can shiny

Strong, all-steel pedal

Bag tuck opening Hide excess bag

Silent close lid

trash and recyclables all in one integrated can

Hides trash neatly inside your kitchen cabinet

Absolutely dog proof

Easy installation

Strong steel pedal

Steel lid to keep odor and

small dog proof

sleek and stylish slim design low demand for space

Patented multi-sensor tech is Smart enough to  neglect false trigger

Silent close lid

Strong, all-steel pedal

bag tuck opening Hide excess bag

Silent close lid

Semi-round shape

Recommend index5star_slider6 4star_slider5 4star_slider53.5star_slider54.5star_slider54.5star_slider53.5star_slider54star_slider5
BuyBuy from Amazon Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon

Price range $= less than 50 bucks, $$= 50-100 bucks, $$$= 100-200 bucks $$$$= over 200 dollars

Recommendation index are affected by these following features: availability and versatility of trash bag ,unique features, price, function and customer ratings.

Key features for choosing a right trash can: House hold, Dimension and shape, where to place, Specialized aims such as dog-proof.

No.1 simplehuman 50L-Liter / 13-Gallon Semi-Round Step Trash Can, Black Plastic

simplehuman_50L_Liter_13-Gallon_Semi_Round_Step_Trash_Can_Plastic_640This 13 gallon semi round step trash can by simplehuman win our editor’s choice for its perfect cost-effective balance. The trash can is sleek, solid, well-made, and looks good. The entire outside container and interior bucket are made of high quality plastic,not those made of cheap, flimsy plastic. Additional accessories such as hinge and pedal are made of steel to last for a long time. The design and size are highly functional. simplehuman_50L-Liter_13-Gallon_Semi-Round_Step_Trash_Can_Plastic_medium

The lid is smooth to open and extremely persuasive in closing. It can stay open for several dumplings at one time if you need. The best part I like is the lid lock, which is great for keeping dogs and children out.

The lid lock is dependable, sometime you just have to unlock it with two hands. Your dog may be attracted by this sleek simplehuman trash can. Little puppies are not tall enough to reach for the lip, while those taller ones are likely to touch the lock with their crawls. But unlocking it would be an impossible mission for any dog no matter how clever it is. This lock is designed for primates not Canidae.

After getting this black trash can my Labrador had tried for more than dozens times. He even dragged this trash can across the kitchen but did not succeed in opening it. This only thing you need to focus on is to keep the trash can locked until he realizes the difficulty is insuperable for a dog. Then he will leave the trash can along and give the clean kitchen back to you. If you have little kids that will prevent them from the trash as well.

It is for small and middle sized dogs. When you are looking for a trash can for bigger dogs you can go another post in this site.


Although simplehuman bags are better matches for its trash can the price is higher as well. For this 13 gallon semi-round trash can regular tall kitchen trash bags will fit well. You don’t have to reach for simplehuman P bags trash liner.

So this 50L-Liter / 13-Gallon Semi-Round Step Trash Can is such a great trash can and the lock is perfect for dog owners. The only thing does not satisfy me much is the plastic body. It’s not as solidly heavy as other stainless steel trash can. On the other hand that is where its attractive price comes from. So I compromise in the balance of price and function this simplehuman trash can makes.

Recommendation index: 5star_lg


>-Click to see detailed reviews by other customers on

NO.2 simplehuman Round Step Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel, 30 Liters /8 Gallon



This 8 Gallon trash can by simplehuman is sturdy and well made. The whole body is well made of fingerprint proof brushed stainless steel including the lid. So it looks sleeker than previous plastic lid ones. And the newly inside hinge also adds more attractiveness to the latest version.

The material it uses is finger proof, so it keeps your trash can clean and eyes catching in your room. The classic Round shape and thin body make it fit perfectly all palaces you want it to. Its 8 gallon capacity is perfect for a medium sized kitchen or any bathroom.

The long lasting all-steel pedal can rise up to 15,000 steps and last over 20 years. Very durable! And the company gives us 10 years warrant for the confidence they have for this stainless steel trash can.

When you release the pedal the patented Silent close lid will close slowly by itself without making any slam to disturb you. And it prevents garbage smell inside well. You can also make the lid stay open avoiding coming back several times.

It has a interior removable plastic bin that makes itself convenient for disposing of trash and changing of trash bags. Another has to be mentioned feature is the Bag tuck® Opening trucks which can hold the extra part of a regular tall kitchen garbage bag. Although this trash bag does not fit as nicely as the simplehuman code G customer liner but it works and saves you a lot of bucks.

So this is a sturdy, compact, and absolutely silent stainless steel trash can for anyone who wants things prominent.

Recommendation index:4.5star_lg

>-Click to see all specifications of this 30 Liters /8 Gallon simplehuman Round Step Trash Can at


No.3 simplehuman Rectangular Touch Bar Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel, 30 Liters /8 Gallons

simplehuman_Rectangular_Touch_Bar_Trash_Can_30 Liters_8_Gallons_open_with_legs

This product is well engineered and unique! Simplehuman is the only provider for this kind of trash can. I haven’t noticed other similar products on the market.

The beauty of this can is its easy touch-bar. Which can be easy to handle from any angle with not only your hands but also other parts of the human body such as elbow, knee or even hip, only if you wish. Once open the lid does not close automatically, so this trash is designed for a busy kitchen. You don’t need to step and close the lid again and again to dump trash. Just open this simplehuman touch bar trash can and keep it that way until all work is done.

The touch bar is in a perfect spot as well as other good features listed below

  • Nylon discs under the can provide a safe and gentle slide on your floors
  • Trash bags fit the cans perfectly with Bag tuck® opening to hide excess bag
  • Handles of internal bucket and easy removable top make bags changing flawless
  • Fingerprint-proof ability keep your stainless steel can shiny as new through years

The company is very confident about the quality of this special Touch Bar Trash Can. They give this model a very long, nearly all working life warrant 10 years.

This simplehuman touch bar trash can looks and works great. Touch-bar opening is a cool feature and so is fingerprint proof ability. The size is just right for a kitchen. If you are a person who prefers a better organization of the kitchen and looking for high quality with a refined look. This will be the one can gives you the order you need.

Recommendation index:4star_lg

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No.4 simplehuman Rectangular Step Recycler, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel

Recycling has grown up to be a necessity and habit for many of us. Lots of families have now become used to collect recyclable paper and bottles using ordinary trash can, which requires two trash cans standing together to perform their jobs respectively. This rectangular step recycler made by simplehuman aims to provide you a more reasonable solution: containing normal wastes and recyclables in one trash can. Recycling will be easy with its two built-in bins. Just sort your trash and put recyclables into the recycle bin. The entire process is effective without further reordering needed.

Sturdy and Shiny bodysimplehuman_Rectangular_Step_Recycler_Fingerprint_Proof_Brushed_Stainless_Steel_46_Liter_12_Gallon

Like any other product from simplehuman company, this stainless steel recycler is also well made with highly durable material. It chooses fingerprint-proof stainless steel to resist smudges and to keep the body as shiny as new. Unlike owning other fingerprint magnet ones, you really didn’t need to worry about the outside appearance of your trash can. Integrated handles, bucket park lip and bag tuck hole are three must be mentioned features for its interior bucket. With these intuitive ideas, simplehuman makes its own unique smartbucket bag changing system to facilitate bag removal and replacement. These are not high-tech, but can make you trash management more easier and less annoying.

B000TDWSBW.lidshoxtechnology._V338961200_Convenient Pedal

For myself, the best characteristic of this simple human stainless steel recycler is its pedal. According to simplehuman’s own statement, the theoretical step life of this reinforced steel step will be 15,000 steps, or 20 steps a day for nearly 20 years. That is an important consideration for a heavy duty furniture. To open the trash recycler you don’t have to be right in front of it. The long steel bar pedal can be touched with any angle as you like. You can simply open the recycler with forefoot from either lateral side, which highly extends its covering area. Addition from that with the airflow damper makes stepping on it more like done with a gas pedal but not a trash can pedal. You can feel steady and comfortable resistance not that kind of sudden slug from cheap trash cans.

Patented Lidswitch_to_keep_lip_open_small

The lid is another useful feature of this trash can. There is an eco- friendly charcoal filter with the lid absorbing smells! The Simple Human patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid. So each and every time it opens and closes slowly and quietly. The lid also features an internal hinge that is completely flat so when I open the lid it does not slam into the wall! There is also a slide switch on top to keep the lid open in case of a long time chore. A time consuming chore often means more trash to cope with. The tiny litter red switch is for this kind of situation. Twisting it clockwise to the right position will keep the lip open as long as you need. So that can all be done without keeping stepping of the pedal.

Long Time Warrant

All simplehuman products are backed by a fairly long period warranty. If you get any quality problem inside the warranty period, simplehuman are obligated to provide replacement parts for you at no charge. If or they provide a prepaid return label and arrange a repair. Then return the product back to you! Maybe that can convince you to have a try of this simplehuman recycler.

My Suggestion

Simplehuman has really done something to provide better trash cans for its customers. You will find recycling is enjoyable with this simple human rectangular step recycler. Features such as the strong convenient pedal and the quite close lid make it a great product even without the recycle bin. But the high price over 200 bucks forces me to recommend it at 4stars.

Recommendation index:4star_lg

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No.5 simplehuman Under-Counter Pull Out Can, 30 Liters / 8 Gallons


Trash can location would always be such a stumper for a kitchen. Sometimes you have to look around to find a potential place for your trash can. Usually in the end you will have very limited options on hand. For this satiation we specifically recommend the simplehuman 30 Liters / 8 Gallons under-counter pull out can. This under-counter trash can can save your place and improve your kitchen appearance as well. Because this under-sink model can get all trash can out of view. Slides and frame are very well made of stainless steel. There are no bending or warping of the frame and slides pull out smoothly. It looks like lasting for years is no problems for them.

Before enjoyment of the convenience of this pull trash can you have to determine whether your place under the sink is enough to hold this simplehuman pull out can or not. Its precise dimensions are 20 x 19 x 10 inches. Make sure you take careful measurements of the cabinet before purchasing. After receiving the package, it will take you less than 10 minutes to unpack and complete the whole installation process. A power drill will save you much time. For drilling 8 holes into your cabinet floor is the most time demanding step. Once that is done with no problem other things left will be effortless.


  • This pull out can has no lids for things that could smell
  • Need a power drill to install this otherwise the process will be tuff and time consuming


This simple human pulls out trash can fits perfectly into the cupboard under the sink. It is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want an ugly visible trash can.

Recommendation index: 4.5star_lg

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No.6 simplehuman 4.5-Liter /1.2-Gallon Round Step Trash Can, White Steel


This little simplehuman trash can has a compact size, that makes it a good choice for limited space such as office room, bathroom and other space like that. The lid responds very well to its high-polished steel pedal. There’s a removable plastic insert which can be lined with a trash bag. And the lid of this round step trash can fits quite well so no odor will escape.

Although this is just a small size can, simpelhuman has tried all to make it as good as other big ones. The whole outside can is well made of high quality steel(painted white). Hinge are hidden inside so no ugly seeing to bother you.

Because of limited inside space engineers of simplehuman have no room to place its patented shox closing component. Perhaps they can manage to minimize the size of the equipment to give a slight slow closing trash can. I have no complain about this little round step trash can beside this point.

If you want a high quality small trash can and hope it would last a long time, this simplehuman 4.5-Liter /1.2-Gallon Round Step Trash Can is definitely your choice. There is a different version of this same size, which is totally stainless steel style. For me, white steel fits my bathroom better a polished steel trash can. If you prefer a pure steel one. Don’t worry, the quality is identical for both products.

Recommendation index:4.5star_lg

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No.7 simplehuman Butterfly Sensor Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel, 48 Liters /12.6 Gallons

Intended for squeezing into narrower spaces, this simplehuman butterfly trash can takes a unique mechanism different from other trash can. It adapters a cleverly designed lid which will open in halves when operates. And it will close automatically with a satisfyingly slow return after one cycle of trash dumping.

This Butterfly lid sensor Trash can by simplehuman is the only one deserves the name of smart trash can. It features multi-sense™ Technology as to respond and adapt to your behavior, opening and closing as needed. When function this trash can should automatically switch between three designed mode: Ready, Task and Stay-on.
Normally the lip is closed and the sensor is in ready mode indicated by the green led on the front panel. In this mode, the multi sensor can detect intentional approaching and neglect those false triggers. Once the lid is open, it will automatically switch into task mode. In this period, the trash can can keep the lip in its functional position and keep on watching your movement at the same time.

If it senses no movements at all the lip will close silently as mentioned before and go back into ready mode waiting for the next activation. But if you give it a continuous stimulation by covering the main sensor for more than 3 second it will activate stay-open mode. The lid will open a noticeable little wider than in task mode to near vertical and provide you a half minute window to carry out your job. It is ideal for dumping a lot of trash at one time.


Click to see the instruction video on

This simple human trash can is expensive, but so worth it! It is stylish, quiet, and holds so much more. It fits perfectly in restricted space. And it is a smart sensor touchless trash can. The tech it has is enough to identify false triggering. Maybe one day your trash can can be smart enough to connect with your Smartphone or wireless network collecting data about how often the trash dumping and to call home service automatically.

All in all this is a fantastic and charming trash can. I like everything about it but have to down the stars to 3.5 for its near 300 bucks high price.

Recommendation index:3.5star_slider

>-Click to see this elegant and pricy simplehuman touchless trash can on


No.8 simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel, 10-Liter /2.6-Gallon

simplehuman_Semi_Round_Step_on_metal_Trash_CanLike other Simplehuman products mentioned above, this simple human semi-sound Step Trash Can is very well designed and has good quality as well. The long lasting steel pedal works perfectly with its silent close lid. The lid closes slowly so that it won’t slam or make any noise when performs its mission. simplehuman_Trash_Can_hinge_projects_small

The semi-circular design is good for put in a corner near the walls. And you don’t have to worry about normal use will scratch you smooth lid because the back hinge locater will prevent that. The closed lid is tight enough to keep fruit flies and other insects outside of the trash can.

As a compact trash can it weights only 5.3 pounds, not heavy enough to be used as a dog proof trash can. But prevent little puppies and cat will be just an easy job for him. simplehuman Custom Fit Trash Can Liner C is no doubt the perfect matching. Though, other grocery bags will also work with its bag tuck opening to hide the excess parts.

So it has all the extraordinary features of simplehuman: All-steel strong pedal, Silent close lid, Semi-round shape, Fingerprint-proof and bag tuck.

Recommendation index:4star_lg


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In All Conclusion

Some people buy 40 dollar garbage cans every few years and never has the consideration of buying a $70 one, while others would rather buy a pricy stainless steel garbage can that is also gorgeous to look at. Before purchasing a trash can, you should consider it well what you want to get from a trash can. The more you want the more you will get from a truly high quality simplehuman trash can.

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