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How to choose a good collapsible trash can

Generally speaking yard trash includes weeds, vines, branches and other small items. These often require lager containers than average sized ones. A large collapsible trash can( collapsible garden bag) would be a great help for you. Usually these trash cans have a large opening for filling more bigger pieces than normal household kitchen trash. And they can stay open for all the leaves and branches around the yard. Accordingly really big trash bags are required , capacities arranging from 30 to 40 gallons, to fit them. And more, good collapsible trash bin should commonly have these pros,or at least most of them.

Pros of good collapsible trash cans:

  • Nice plastic hard shell bottom to stand rubbing and wouldn’t easily wear out
  • Different sizes for various circumstance whether it is outside or indoor.
  • Enough size to fit a 33 gallon bag or lager one
  • Made of material that is idea for heavy outdoor work
  • Collapsible to fold save space for storage
  • Light weight but can hold up well

It is  also a good idea to have one for other outside collecting missions such as camping and picnics.  The following ones are chosen for their excellent performances and really good customer ratings.

Toro 29210 43-Gallon Gardening Spring BucketToro_Gardening_Spring_Bucket


Any really handy man could enjoy the structure given from this Toro spring bucket. If you need something can be carried around personal yard, or considerable flower beds as well, this is one to be got to place garden waste, cuttings, weeds, prunings, and so on in. If you want some bin that  can stand rubbing and wouldn’t easily wear out choose this one. This collapsible bin beats looking to get a garbage bag so you can trash debris in it to hold open.

And the bins are simpler to manage than bags. I do not only use these for leaves. Rather than that I am taking several others from my flower beds within the spring. I likewise do not use the zippered tops can not state to the zippers’ durability. In fact I would prefer they not possess the top for my use.

I purchased three of these special items in 2009. Using them. They’ve survived nicely for me, and I’ll definitely purchase them again. The material in other brands I’ve purchased over the years does not hold up well to sun or pulling them around in the dirt or about the pavement, and you have to replace them. They’ll continue more, should you take care with them. They’ll sunshine rot, should you leave them outside on the deck.

So if a sturdy and handy bag that can handle all manner of yard waste is something you are looking for. This Toro gardening bucket is up there for leaves, weeds and other things. Beside of yard cleaning this collapsible trash bag is also suitable for a variety of other tasks from small items organization to camping storage.

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Fiskars 30 Gallon HardShell Bottom Kangaroo Garden Bag (9413 )  4.5star_slider

Fiskars 30 Gallon Kangaroo Gardening Bag is very sturdy and pops up well without collapsing. Only one container is sufficient for one week cycle of regular tree drop debris in most seasons. It is typically utilized to pick up leaves in the garden and the result turns to be very good.The nice plastic hard shell bottom it has can stand rubbing and wouldn’t easily wear out. Another soft bottom one that I had before this bag cannot stand the rubbing and gave out less than one year. Fiskars_30_Gallon_Kangaroo_Gardening_Bag

Some previous owners said they had one Fiskars almost wait for 10 years before its finally wore out. Most of Fiskars gardening bag customers decided to have a similar new one after their first bag and was happy to find the bottom had been enhanced to be more resistant than before.  Because bottom and lip is more durable than bins with cloth binding. Its price maybe on the high side but for the quality it is certainly the best of all competitors. This is a must-have for the home gardener or handyman.

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Thetford 36773 Stormate Garbage Bag Holder   4.5star_slider

This trash bag holder is ideal for camping or trip. The holder itself can be broken down for storage and travel. It does a pretty good job of keeping your trash in one place so to save a lot of time for cleaning before you leave.

Due to its light weight the biggest problem after putting the trash bag on place will be the stability issue especially when outside in big wind. I had tried to place a big flat stone on the bottom to keep it in position. That is really useful when you have a 13 small gallon bag or supermarket bag.

When you bring a 30 gallon trash bag the trash will touch the bottom and the possibility of blowing down would be minimized to an acceptable level. So I suggest anyone who has this item should put a larger not smaller trash bag on it. 36773_StorMate_Garbage_Bag_Holder

At first I concerned about its flimsy appearance. I don’t think that it would last. But its quality turns to be pleasantly good. It provides us with a little surprise. For now, it has lasted many trips the spring/summer passed by. Setting up can be achieved in just a few seconds, and taking down needs a little longer. It could be better if the manufacturer included a zip case.

So it can be easily stored in a drawer or cabinet. If you want a nice clean weekend outside camper that is it. This Thetford 36773 Stormate Garbage Bag Holder is made to hold all trash no matter where you go.

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Coghlans 1219 Camping Trash Can, Spring-Loaded Pop-Up

Coghlans_1219_Camping_Trash_Can_Spring_Loaded_Pop_Up 4.5star_slider

This Coghlans is for leaves, trimming shrubs and any other trash that you will encounter on yard cleaning or camping. It is a pop-up trash can and holds a large amount of garbage. When not in action it collapse to 3" H to be hang on the wall which doesn’t take up much space. This 33 gal trash can that could work best with your just like it has done for me.

It is made of mesh-supported, tear-resistant PVC construction. And of course the plating is also anti-corrosion. It is the most sturdy one you can find in this category. The light weight it has makes it a very easy movable item unless you fill it heavy with dirt. The fabric in any of the brands I have bought over the years doesn’t hold up well to sunlight like it.

A big black contractor bag is recommended to fit with it for your trip. With it you always get a big opening during daytime and when the night comes you can draw the contactor and the zippered top lid to seal your trash inside. You should not leave it open to flies and other bugs.

Sometimes when the bag is too big you can use small alligator clips on the edges to hold the trash bag in place.
Like others It’s also light weighted and easy to be picked up. If needed you can move it around the campsite effortlessly. And don’t worry about the stability and construction it is sturdy once set up like I mentioned before.

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Leafmate_Leaf_Mate_Paper_Bag_FunnelLeaf Mate Paper Bag Funnel by Leafmate    4star_slider

When you want to use a paper bag for your yard debris, you will find out this kind of bag cannot stand steady by itself.  Struggling with a paper bag that refuses to stand up has been a common scene if you don’t get the right hand. This tunnel container is ideal for the situation like this. With this paper bag funnel you can get yard leaves, grass clippings and landscape trimmings into a paper bag easily.

Compared with cardboard chutes this paper bag funnel is a reasonable option because it is sturdy. You can use it to bag leaves, chips, sticks, and even wood trimmings. And I forget to mention other solid plastic funnel will take up a lot of room to store. This unit is collapsible and easy to be stored in a cabinet. And it can make your bagging leaves a little easier with a definite long lasting service window than cardboard ones.

Since most paper bags for yard waste come with rectangular opening some times I wish to have a funnel has the same design. But thinking about the handwork of making progress and the actual convenience I have gotten from this product this is something I like to compromise with.


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The Bag Bud

This Leaf Bagging Bud from Stedman is an ideal companion while doing lawn work. This product aims to make cleaning up easier. With it debris from home or across the lawn is just a rapid job. It does what it is told, when filling the trash bag it gives a big opening and it does not get diverted or leave in the middle of the job.

Utilizing the Leaf Bagging Bud removes the need to get a second-person to keep a trash bag open and sometimes even worse, needing to maintain your personal trash bag while filling up it as it gets larger, at the exact same time which can produce a stress in your back.

Consisting of 2 rings the Leaf Bagging Bud could be rapidly assembled and disassembled within minutes without need of tools. It can be disassembled and take up minimal space.So it is simple to come with you on the run or put in storage, when it’s only being used. Leaf Bagging Bud is created in America and was created to be used with lawn bags and 39 gallon leaf bags.


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Bag Butler Set of 2 Lawn and Leaf Trash Bag Holders  4star_slider





This offer is for 2 Bag Butlers in one package. First generation lawn and yard bag holder until now are still available at Garden Shows, HSN, QVC and Home.  Bag Butlers can work with any 26 to 42 gallon commercial trash bag easier. You will use it year round… the lawn, camping, recycling, picnics, celebrations, field events….everywhere, anytime you need to go to trash bags.

Carried out with strong, sturdy recycled plastics (not corrugated plastic and never cardboard). Fully assembled, no components to lose, patented, user friendly, and lasts for years.

Load a leaf bag in under a minute! It is simple to set up the bag Butler and put on bag. When used the exact size is about 24" x 20" x10. When released Bag Butler bursts the bag so that you get your hands free to complete the job. You can immediately put your grass catcher, leaves or debris directly into the bag.

Size of opening will transform with different sizes of bags. Doesn’t get a bag over 42 gallons. Ensure that you choose a bag with the right dimensions that meeting features mentioned above. Whenever you get your new Bag Butler. Be sure to pull the panels in the opposite direction before adding it in the bag. It’ll hold for laying back on the earth to rake into the bag, a paper leaf bag open. The dust pan edge will bend a little due to the smaller diameter of a paper bag.  It is not advised to use vertical when paper bags is putting on.


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Trash Bag Holder – Multi-Use Bag Buddy Support Stand (39 – 45 Gallon Bags)   3.5star_slider



This trash bag Holder is here for effortless full bag removal. It is versatile, strong and lightweight. A heavy wire frame can help him hold any 39 to 45 gallons trash bags. However, Bag Buddy is not just limited to helping with garbage disposal.That is the most common way we utilize it. For some other missions including grass clippings bags, recycling bags,leaf disposal bags,  laundry and camping bags are also what it is appropriate to provide for.

The wire frame is easy to put together and defeat so you can keep it away whenever you’re finished, or even bring it along with you on the run for your next event! Construct and dismantle your Bag Buddy in seconds for storage and efficient transport.

Bag Buddy is perfect when you’re entertaining big parties or for the holidays. You will not be troubled with a frustrating clean up ever! The hassle free design enables trash bags to remain vacant for easier disposal. Stop requesting help when cleaning up, and apply the Bag Buddy as a second group of hands.

Bag Buddy is an ideal gift for a great many home owners. There will be no concern about frustrating or dirty cleaning in the event when you use this Bag Buddy trash bag Holder.


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Compare Table of these collapsible trash bin

In the end of this post we add a side by side comparison table to help you choose one that you need.

Toro 29210 43-Gallon Gardening Spring BucketToro_29210_43_Gallon_Gardening_Spring_Bucket

Tear and mildew-resistant

UV treated mesh supported plastic canvas

Multiple handles make lifting and emptying  easier and more comfortable

Mainly for fallen leaves, grass clippings, weeds, plant material

Fiskars HardShell Bottom Kangaroo Garden Bag (9413 ) 30 gallonFiskars_30_Gallon_HardShell_Bottom_Kangaroo_Garden_Bag

Collapsible, stand-alone container

Hardshell bottom

Durable polyvinyl and polyester construction

Ideal for yard waste, debris collection

Redmon Pop Up Hamper 6116CAMORedmon_Pop_Up_Hamper_6116CAMO

Endless array of colors and style

Multiple use storage bag

Top zipper closure

Two handles for lifting and emptying

Almost anything can be stored in a Bongo Bag
Dry cleaning, Laundry, Winter clothing, Shoes, toys, crafts,

WORX WA0030 Landscaping 26-Gallon Spring Bucket Yard BagWORX_Landscaping_Spring_Bucket_Yard_Bag

Collapses down to 3-inches for easy reusable storage

Collecting grass clippings, weeds, plant material, and cleaning out mulched landscape

Coghlans 1219 Camping Trash Can, Spring-Loaded Pop-Up, 33 gallon)Coghlans_1219_Camping_Trash_Can_Spring_Loaded_Pop_Up

Made of heavy duty polyethylene

Fully zippered top with 2 web strap carry handles

Camping trip
Yard debris collection

Camco 42895 XL 30 gallon Collapsible ContainerCamco_42895_XL_Collapsible_Container

An extra handle at the bottom for easy lifting

Includes toggles for a secure close

An item for using outdoors as a trash can or yard waste container

Leaf Mate Paper Bag Funnel by Leafmate 30 gallonLeafmate_Leaf_Mate_Paper_Bag_Funnel

Patent design to keep bags open and sturdy 

Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage

Tough material  held up to thorns and twigs

For disposing of leaves and other yard waste

Fiskars 10 Gallon Kangaroo Gardening Bag (94046974J)

Light weight and sturdy handle.

Collapsible to 3 inches for space saving

All-weather durability

Yard debris:weeds, grass clippings
Inside storage:toys, laundry cloth

Stansport Collapsible Campsite Carry-All Trash Can, Green,30 gallonStansport_Collapsible_Campsite_Carry_All_Trash_Can

Fully zippered top lid and two padded web carry handles

Splash proof and fine for spills, and  temporarily waterproof

Collapsible trash container for "leave no trace" campsite.

Bosmere G520 4.3 Cubic Feet (34US gallon)Poly Yard Waste BagBosmere_G520_Poly_Yard_Waste_Bag

An improved top strip to keep its mouth open big for convenience

4.6-cubic-feet perfect size for someone with a large garden.

Made of semi-rigid polypropylene fabric, so the bag stands up by itself

Can be used both outdoors and indoors

SE GC5002L Extra-Tough Collapsible Leaf Bag with Zippered Lid-Green 33 gallonSE_GC5002L_Extra_Tough_Collapsible_Leaf_Bag_with_Zippered_Lid

Free Nylon Carrying Case

Very light weight and easy to collapse down

For disposing of leaves and other yard waste

Barnel Collapsible 43 Gallon "Pop-Up" Debris Container Barnel_Collapsible_43_Gallon_Pop-Up_Debris_Container

features an extra strong, anti-corrosion plated spring Very sturdy! Strong binding, easy to empty, strong bottom

Collecting grass clippings, weeds, plant material, and cleaning out mulched landscape

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